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I just wanted to quickly say thank you for helping me. I got my 1st period on January 20th and my 2nd February 14th each time there was barely any blood and lasted 4 days. That’s never happened to me. I’m still taking the Shaklee B complex and got the Cal Mag supplements, too. Still working on shrinking the fibroid – I’ve changed my diet no dairy and no meat. And even stop eating certain foods veggies included that are xexoestrogen. Thanks again for educating me and helping me. You’re awesome and I’ll recommend all my friends to you. Have a blessed day! ? K, C, Santa Barbara

I brought my daughter, Sarah, to see you in February. I would love to update you as well as have her do a phone call with you. Remarkable progress has been made! In addition, I would like to order more Vitamin B supplement from you from Shakley. A. B. Bakersfield, CA

“Hi Kathryn, I am pleasantly surprised that allergies can be healed at all. I am eating avocado with no apparent reaction. So very happy… In any case I am feeling very much better all the way around and seem to be having less overall stomach discomfort, burping gassiness etc. So I would say it was all very successful… Thanks so much!!”

C. H.

“Kathryn has been an unbelievable help to me over the last few years. I am grateful that I found her. I have an auto immune disorder and she has kept my body in working order.

“All her research and knowledge has lead me to be able to live a healthy lifestyle.”

D., Santa Barbara

“I thought I had tried everything for clearing hives.  I would have never figured out what was causing it without the NAET testing.”  (NAET)


“Hi Kathryn! Just wanted to give you an update that my dad has felt so much better and there has been improvement to his senses, sleep and energy since the BBF & mineral clearing.”

A. A., Isla Vista

“I finally got rid of eczema!”  (NAET)

N.V.W , Santa Barbara

“I could not have gone to Europe with the migraines and back pain I was experiencing. Thank you! I had NO headache on my flight or trip to Europe, which is a miracle.” (Qi Gong and NAET)


“In just two weeks little Estie’s toe nail and teeth enamel started growing back. We knew she had a collagen problem, we just didn’t know how to address it before.”  (NAET)

N.V.W , Santa Barbara

“I think NAET can save marriages: Who knew what muscle tension a mineral allergy could cause!” (NAET)


“I have so much energy, I can’t sleep! I am not used to this (energy).” (NAET)


“I tell everyone I know about Kathryn.” (NAET, Body Ecology)

H.L., Isla Vista

“Even my husband has noticed how much better I feel.” (Medical Qi Gong)


“I do not have to sit down every couple of hours at work due to vertigo. I can work a full day. The alkaline water really helps too, thanks.” (NAET)


“Thank God for the Body Ecology Diet and NAET. I had tried everything to get rid of my ganglion cyst. Thank you for your custom approach. I feel good after I eat all the time now.” (NAET, Body Ecology Diet)


“[I am experiencing] more coordination and less brain fog after BBF treatment.” (NAET)


“Wow, I had a BURST of energy after clearing minerals. I forgot what it felt like to have so much energy.”  (NAET)


“I want to thank you for your salt allergy treatment and medical qi gong. I would not have been able to go to Europe for two weeks with my migraines. I strictly avoided salt during the flight after the treatment and had NO migraines the whole two weeks of the trip.”  (NAET, Medical Qi Gong)


“I had so much energy after my NAET treatment for I could not sleep at first!”  (NAET)


“I think NAET is important for marriages.   I think allergies are a huge source of divorce.” (NAET)


“I think we are doing pretty well other than wanted a beer.  My blood pressure is back in the normal range.” (Body Ecology DietNAET)
C.A., Santa Barbara


Thank you Kathryn, for your body work, releases and energy session, just 2 hrs ago. I’m lighter, heaviness on my left side of my head gone, breathing smoother and twitching and soreness, groin discomfort is gone. You’re very patient with me, also. Thank you ????? B. P. Summerland, CA

“Really, I have never seen results like I have from Kathryn’s bodywork. You don’t get a runner with a hip flexor problem that says they are just fine after only one treatment. It just doesn’t happen.” (Trigger Point / Sports Massage)


TNT Coach

“I can’t believe how much better my hip is. I am 100 percent improved from when I came in.”

K. H., Santa Barbara


“You are one of the top 5 Body Workers I have worked with in the world, and I have had a lot of massage.”

T. CF., Australia

Personal Trainer

“I can’t believe you fixed my roommates foot in three sessions! She was about to have surgery!”

S. A., San Francisco


OMG, you are a miracle worker! This is the first time I’m waking up without back pain in probably a year! Thank you!” (Positional Release)


“That work (Chi Nei Tsang) is like esctasy for the abdomen.”

E. W, Santa Barbara


“I honestly believe I couldn’t have run 12 miles on Saturday without your work.” (Sports Massage/Trigger Point)


TNT Coach

“I am like new today, you are amazing Kathryn.??” (After pain from a minor fall)
L.L., Santa Barbara


“My ankle had been swollen and discolored for 2 years. The swelling is down and color is normal (after one treatment).”  (Positional Release)


“I found today things that normally were troublesome were not. Such as walking up stairs today was not as much of a strain.”  (Positional Release for piriformis complex)


“Thanks for working on me. I don’t have a headache anymore.”  (Medical Qi Gong)


“That is probably the best orthopedic massage I have ever received.”  (Positional Release for gait/ankle)


“Ever time I see you I feel changes in my gait. I am using my whole foot when I walk now and don’t feel I have to favor my injured leg so much.” (Positional Release)


“Thanks for great session today. I feel better and have energy :-)”


“Awesome Kathryn. I feel really perked up!” (Medical Qi Gong)


“You’ve been able to fix every injury I have had so far. (Deep Tissue / Trigger Point)


Trader Joes

“I wanted to let you know I do not have the restlessness and throbbing in my legs that I used to have.  When sitting to put on socks and shoes, now I can pull my leg up.  It was remarkable the improvement with my right arm had movement it has not had in a long time.  I was able to lift my right arm up to be shoulder length and straight above my ahead.  What ever you did to align the shoulders that were uneven must helped to restore proper movement. None of this was possible before our last visit and the supplements I am taking.” (Positional Release)


“Feeing better. [Right] ankle no longer in pain. Did yoga this AM followed by rubber band abductor/adductor while Xavier Cugat, the Mambo King played on Pandora. Salsa is perfect for that. Thank you.” (Sports Massage)


“I went three times to an acupuncturist for my headaches and it didn’t do anything. Thank you for doing Medical Qi Gong to clear my gallbladder and for cleanse and color therapy tips. My headaches are gone!!! “ (Medical Qi Gong, for chemical exposure)


I woke up in so much less pain today! Thank you so much for everything! And the craniosacral work on my head is helping me feel much better too! I feel like my brain is starting to work again 🙂 Now I just need to figure out what all I need to do to Maintain it all. I am motivated! So if you can send me YouTube videos and exercises that would be great!! (BodyworkCraniosacral TherapyPositional Release)

H.L. Isla Vista


That was magical!

T. J., Santa Barbara


“Thank you so so so much for all of your help yesterday! Samuel was already reading better today! Yay! I’m excited and so thankful!”

H. L., Isla Vista

thomas-edison“The doctor of the future will give no medicine, but will interest her or his patients in the care of the human frame, in a proper diet, and in the cause and prevention of disease.”

— Thomas A. Edison, US inventor (1847 – 1931)

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