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NAET stands for Nambudripad’s Allergy Elimination Technique. Developed by Devi Nambutripad, MD, DC, Lac in 1987. NAET is a revolutionary method of removing respiratory, digestive, and contactant allergens, often with life long results. The practice draws from various healthcare disciplines including allopathy, homeopathy, acupuncture, chiropractic, kinesiology, and nutrition… READ MORE

Positional Release

About Positional Release

bodywork1Positional Release Therapy (PRT) is an osteopathic method of soft tissue manipulation to relieve pain. An osteopath named Lawrence Jones developed PRT. PRT is often referred to as Strain Counter-strain, a neuro-muscular tech-nique that involves identification of a trigger point. Stimulation of painful, lactic acid-filled trigger points “refer” a sensation of pain to some other part of the body. This elaborate neuromuscular mechanism is the result of nerve connections that developed embryologically between the skin, muscles, and organs… LEARN MORE

Lymphatic Enhancement Therapy (LET)

Lymphatic Enhancement Therapy (LET)

Combines the LymphStar Pro and manual stimulation techniques to improve lymphatic drainage and increase lymph fluid flow.

The LymphStar Pro an electromagnetic device that utilizes ultra-blue noble gas-filled glass tubes on the skin. The LymphStar is used prior to manual lymphatic drainage techniques. The two manual lymphatic drainage techniques I use are Chi Nei Tsang (Eastern) and Vodder Lymphatic Drainage (Western/German). The use of the Lymph Star greatly aids in converting thick, viscous lymph to a more liquid matrix before starting manual therapies. Lymphatic Enhancement therapy (LET) is relaxing, painless, safe, and generally enjoyable for most clients. Available since 1994 and now FDA approved, the LymphStar was originally developed to treat the lymphatic systems of children with cancer. LET is particularly beneficial for clients on detoxification programs and with post-surgical edema…. LEARN MORE

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What People Are Saying

“Hi Kathryn, I am pleasantly surprised that allergies can be healed at all. I am eating avocado with no apparent reaction. So very happy… In any case I am feeling very much better all the way around and seem to be having less overall stomach discomfort, burping gassiness etc. So I would say it was all very successful… Thanks so much!!”


“I can’t believe you fixed my roommates foot in three sessions! She was about to have surgery!”

S. A., San Francisco


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About Kathryn Hark

Kathryn’s bodywork career spans 25 years, starting as a college athletic trainer for basketball and football. She then completed a 1000 hour Holistic Health Practitioner (HHP) while working at some of the finest resorts and holistic clinics in San Diego County. While practicing bodywork and managing the Pacific College of Oriental Medicine’s professional clinic, Kathryn obtained her Master of Public Health from San Diego State University. In addition to bodywork, Kathryn has worked as a clinic manager and financial analyst for hospitals and HMOs.
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