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Aqua Versa and Aqua Perform Filters

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Carbon Block Multipure

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The four important factors to consider in water are

  1. Cleanliness
  2. Ph
  3. Structure
  4. Charge

Of the four, it is the negative charge that sets water apart to make it “healing water”.

After Chernobyl, scientists discovered that the water from a village near the disaster site protected all the people drinking it from sickness and cancer. This naturally occurring “healing water” had all the four factors listed above.

The only method of getting all four of these factors here in the United States is to have clean, ionized water. There are many unsubstantiated claims made about water. This is why third party approval from NSF is extremely important. I have spent hours with testing devices to test different water filters and have found that ONLY ionized water is negatively charged and this charge only lasts more than 24 hours or so unless it is refrigerated.

Specifically, I have tested:

The REAL WATER bottled water is not negatively charged.

The Berkey filter is NOT negatively charged.

The Natural Action Technologies spiral filter does not charge the water.

The Black Biotite drops (Black Mica sulfur compound) do not charge the water.

This negative charge is critical for healing water because the human aquaporin within each cell that receives the water molecule is positively charged. Opposites attract. Further, the ionized water with the electron split off is declustered. The molecular groups are small rather than in large clumps like Reverse Osmosis water. The ionized water is often referred to as “wetter” water because it is approximately three times as hydrating as regular (un-ionized, positively charged water) and more than three times as hydrating as reverse osmosis water. Some of you may have seen my hydration demo with cold water and the green tea bag. You will notice an immediate burst of color in wetter water because it can easily hydrate the tea bag. Reverse osmosis water meets NONE of the four characteristics above. In addition to being poorly structured for hydration it is extremely acidic, extremely POSITIVELY charged, and not as clean as you think. The acidic water sits in a rubber inner tube-like basin and retains the VOC’s (volatile organic compounds). It is dead water and destructive to health: in the absence of minerals, it leaches minerals from those who drink it via osmosis (lesser to greater concentration).

The best water scenario is to have a pre-filter for truly clean water. This requires a 6-inch carbon block. The best carbon block filters are all made by Multi-Pure. I have the Aqua Versa. If you can afford it get the Aqua Perform. The best ionizer, and the only one you can consider using in Santa Barbara without a pre-filter is the Enagic. It is American made and has improved on the Japanese and Korean Kangen type ionizers. It is the only ionizer NSF rated to do what it says it does and that is commercially used on a large scale. It has a three-inch carbon block filter. Ideally, you want to get a pre-filter to go along with it.  However, it still works without it—you simply have to replace the filter more often and you won’t get as high of a negative charge. Other ionizers (Jupiter, IonLife, Perfect World Water) use tourmaline filters instead of carbon to clean the water. I have the Aqua Versa and the Korean Jupiter I bought in nursing school and will upgrade as soon as it conks. My little Jupiter was only getting a -50 charge until I added the Aqua Versa. After adding this Multi-Pure carbon block my negative charge shot up as high as -700!! One of the reasons  I want to replace it is  because it uses a tourmaline filter. Despite anything you may have heard, adding more minerals to water than  is natural in  tap water is not desirable. Extra calcium can give you kidney stones. In Europe, calcium supplements are by prescription only.

Note: the Enagic has a special setting of 11.0 Ph for cleaning vegetables of any undesirable pesticides, including the so-called organic sprays.

Please call me if you are interested in purchasing one of the Multi-Pure prefilters and/or the Kangen Enagic filter and ionizer.

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