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Universal Guard Chip

from Gia Wellness  

Universal Guard

Cell Guard

Product Details

I have been using the Gia Wellness cell phone chips and electropollution devices since 1994, when they were known as BioPro. I credit them with being able to use my cell phone without microwaving my ear. You will feel no heat in your ear from the cell phone the moment you put the chip on. Additionally, you will not weaken from your cell phone on a muscle test in my office. Note: Many hip problems come from keeping cell phones in a pants pocket. The universal guard is the strongest and longest lasting of the chips (three years) and is recommended for smart phones as well as computers.   The Universal Guard is a little taller than most cell phone chips because it is using two types of technologies. One helps convert the EMFs (electromagnetic frequencies) to more benign sound waves. The other actually builds a protective field around the phone. It is important to note that the chip does not eliminate frequencies, it simply converts them. I also wear an EMF protection coin-necklace called the Bio-harmonizer developed by the makers of my ALH vials. They are reserved for my NAET and nutrition clients. The Universal Guard is a patented EMF chip made by a defense contractor for Gia Wellness. I also recommend getting a PONG case for your cell phone.
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