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MagicMinerals™ Products

How MagicMinerals™ Products Work

MagicSoles™ assist the human body in its ability to reconnect with the diminishing magnetic field of the earth plane. The use of AC electricity on earth has left our systems in a condition where the connection of earth to our magnetosphere is being diminished. This in turn affects the human body. It manifests in a number of ailments called many different things by science and the medical world at large.

The ingredients in the insoles are products from our earth’s surface and from one element that might not be terrestrial.

The combination of clay and stones, when properly mixed and joined together, are both piezo electric and magnetic.

The piezo electric attribute affects the body electric or meridian system and reboots all systems in human body. Applied kinesiology testing, meridian pulse reading, dark field blood microscopy, and Kirlian Photography have validated this information.

MagicMinerals Dark Field Microscopy


Blood Before
Prior to standing on the MagicMinerals™ Insoles the blood is clumped, unorganized, and stagnant showing unenergized, inflamed, stagnant red blood cells. Under increased magnification, one can see the thin white “inflammation” lines that resemble chopsticks.



Blood After
This second blood sample was taken 25 minutes after standing directly on MagicMinerals™ Insoles with bare feet. The red blood cell walls are energized and begin to move (improved CIRCULATION) and can repel each other, demonstrating improved cell wall strength and magnetic polarity. The formerly dormant neutrophil (white blood cell) now actively expanding and and aggressively cleaning the blood demonstrates improved HUMERAL IMMUNITY.

Video shows dramatically improved circulation and improved cellular immunity.

MagicMinerals™ Insoles

MagicSoles™ Shoe Inserts

The inserts are durable and washable and should last at least as long as most shoe inserts on the market today.

Wearing MagicSoles™ on the body can possibly benefit the wearer in many ways including:
• Increased energy
• Better circulation (please see dark field microscopy videos for this)
• The need for less sleep
• Improved sleep if worn to bed
• Lessening of tinnitus (ringing of the ears)
• Less eye fatigue and improved vision
• Healthier hair and skin
• Less foot fatigue
• Provides “Earthing” or grounding which diminishes jet lag
• Great for animal bedding
• Can possibly assist women in the ability to conceive by adding a magnetic charge to the pelvic bone.
• The inserts can allow the body to assimilate nutrients better.
• The combined minerals

BTW the insoles are amazing. I never take them off! I put them in my slippers and my shoes! Susan, California

I made got some shoe inserts for my diabetic mother to see if they could possibly help her. She was confined to wheel chair and was scheduled for amputation of her diabetic feet. WIthin a few weeks of wearing the shoe inserts she was able to call off the amputation surgery.
Its been less than a year of wearing the inserts and she is now walking again! ~Michael, Los Angeles

I met a young Canadian man at a convention last year who had dropped an axe on his foot 2 days prior. His foot looked like it had swollen to twice the size and he had a large gash. I decided to use the treatment that had helped my sciatica on his foot:
I put some tea tree pain linament (98 Alive) in a ring around the outside of the gash and wrapped part of a shoe insert to cover the top of his foot.
The next day his pain and swelling was gone and he was able to wear his shoes again. ~JP, Santa Barbara, California

I can work an extra 2 hours a day on my feet with the MagicMinerals insoles. Also, as my clients have noted, wearing the insoles eliminates cold feet. In fact, a number of people who bought the pads otice that BOTH their handsand feet are warmer when wearing the insoles. C.M. Santa Barbara

MagicMinerals™ Eye PillowMagicMinerals Eye Pillow

MagicMinerals™ Eye Pillow

The beautiful bamboo Magic Minerals eye pillow is fully washable. Some people who use the Magic Minerals naturally magnetic and piezo electric eye pillow claim to experience:
• Better sleep
• Improved vision
• Reduced eye strain
• Reduced sinus congestion
• Headache relief

I love that these are comfortable (bamboo fabric), beautiful, and washable ( the eye shaped magnetic padsare removable). However, mostly I love that The eye pillows greatly help me to sleep and reduce eye strain.
C.M., Santa Barbara

I know they help my vision because after wearing them one night I woke up and walked to the kitchen without me glasses  could see better. In fact it took me a few minutes to realize I didn’t have my glasses on.
S.K, Carpinteria

MagicMinerals™ PadMagicMineral Pad

MagicMinerals™ Pad

I decided to try ta double Magic Minerals Pad pad to avoid hip surgery. I have already had one hip surgery and do not want another. I am bone on bone and had been in constant pain for over 15 years. Simply getting in and out of a car or getting out of bed caused debilitating pain. The first night sleeping on the pad under my fitted sheet I noticed I could get up in the middle of the night without pain for the first time. As weeks went by, I told my massage therapist that I was out of pain at night while I was on the pad, but still had pain during the day. The therapist recommended I move my pad to my car during the day. I soon started having less pain getting in and out of my car. I started placing the pad under the fitted sheet during my deep tissue massage sessions and after about three sessions I started having significantly more flexibility and less pain. I now walk differently due to dramatically reduced pain levels. Whereas before I walked extremely gingerly, always anticipating pain, I find myself forgetting to think about pain while moving. I no longer live in debilitating pain and am starting to feel like my old self again. ~Jane, Solvang California

I had my first relief from the extreme fatigue of Lyme Disease and Epstein Barr Virus after getting a triple size Magic Minerals pad for my side of the bed. I noticed I felt better right away and now take the pad with me everywhere I go. I have 2 small children and it’s great to have something that is safe for nursing mothers as well. In fact, my 2 year old has also benefited from the Magic Minerals Pads. I bought a custom pad for his crib since he has a reduced white blood cell count and needed to sleep much of the day. Since sleeping on the pad he has plenty of energy and NEVER gets sick. I actually think his 20% white blood cell count is working better than the 100% normal blood cell count of other children who are getting sick more than my son. ~Susan, Montecito, California

Hello Catherine, […] I bought one of the magnetic pads through her for my husband. He has found great relief from it. I lent it to a friend of mine, an 85 year old gentleman with terrible back issues. He slept on it 2 night s and also found great relief. He would like to order one full pad and another 1/2 pad for him to have on his chair that he sits on in the living room. Could I order them through you for him? Jane told me the gentleman that makes the pads is out of town until Monday. He would like to get this ASAP as he has been suffering greatly. Thank you and please text or call me with any questions. ~Patty, California