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Body Ecology Diet Cocobiotic

Product Details

The Body Ecology Diet is a (mostly) hypoallergic, anti fungal diet and life style based on Chinese Dietary Therapy and medical microbiology. It is designed to restore digestive and gut health, particularly for those suffering from Candida and wheat and dairy allergies. It is one of the two diets advocated by the Weston A. Price Organization that advocates gluten free, low glycemic, and fermented food rich organic foods. Donna Gates, the author of the Body Ecology diet had a Candida problem and dairy intolerance and is the inventor of several products, including her world famous non-dairy coconut kefir (Cocobiotic). Additionally, she is credited for bringing stevia to the United States. Preventing or slowing Alzheimer’s and dementia is another notable benefit and reason for almost anyone to want Protandim.


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